Release Date: Ago 2007

Xcene Table Soccer

Xcene Table Soccer
Release at: Assembly'07
Ranked: #10
Description: Xcene Table Soccer is a table soccer (foosball) simulator made by Nivel21 and TimeScratchers. From two to four players, you can choose you team from 12 majors european demogroups. Available for Windows and Xbox360
This game requires .NET 2.0, XNA and Xbox360 Controllers. Xbox360 version also requires an active XNA Creators Club subscription.
Credits: Coding: Nolver, Globero, Cerberus
Graphics: Qapitan, Garrander, Zelldweller, Prisim
Music: Secoid, Rey5on
Teams assets by: Portal Process, ASD, Collapse, Bixo, Conspiracy, Network, RGBA, Spontz, Stravaganza, tAAt, TBL
Downloads: Windows Xbox360 Video Demo