Release Date: Ago 2007

Summer of Love

Summer Of Love
Release at: Assembly'07
Ranked: #8
Description: This demo is a hell of a hack. The demo engine was oded in a month and all the graphics were made in hree last days before the party. Never thought his would make it in time! This prod requires .NET Framework 2.0 and a NVIDIA powerfull card.
Credits: Coding: Violet, Jussi Laasonen
Graphics: Violet, Qapitan
Music: Kristian Sivonen
Downloads: Runtime Video Version Youtube
Release Date: Oct 2006

BGParty 2007 Invitation

BGParty 2007 Invitation
Release at: BcnParty'101
Ranked: #1
Description: Finally, the first production we are proud of. We managed to build a demotool, a demo engine and a funny production in just six month of hard work. Everything we planned to include in the demo is in party release. That's was enough reward for the team, who never believed to win the competition with this entry. This prod requires .NET Framework 2.0
Credits: Coding: Nolver, Hercs, Sewy, Dark_Imp666, Violet
Design: Baxayaun
Graphics: Asshurek, Prisim
Music: Sectoid, Rayson
Downloads: Runtime Video Version
Release Date: Apr 2006


Release at: Breakpoint 2006
Ranked: #19
Description: Miseare is a more mature production. We were far beyond our first one. This time we build a description language for the contents and player capable of running it. Planning went wrong and we ran out of time. Once again we were not able to deliver what we intenteded, but we got closer. This prod requires .NET Framework 2.0
Credits: Coding: Nolver, Sewy, Hercs, Dark_Imp666
Graphics: Asshurek, Prisim
Music: Sectoid, Rayson
Downloads: Final Version
Release Date: Nov 2005


Release at: BcnParty'100
Ranked: #6
Description: Our first production ever. We created a demogroup and learned thenecessary stuf in about three weeks. This was a complete crazyness, but got our scene career started!
Credits: Coding: Nolver, Hercs
Graphics: Asshurek, Asashi, Prisim
Music: Sectoid, Rayson, Sh