Date: 2008-04-09 09:13:52

Hello friends, this is a quick update on our activities.

Recently, we hace incorporated four new programmers into the team, and they're gonna be responsible of the new iteration of our demotool. We have opened a blog to add comments and bits of information on how the demo engine it's doing. Check it out here

We plan to attend Inspire Demoparty in a month or so, so we are in a real hurry as currently our technollogy it's far from ready. We'll be up to this challenge? :D


Date: 2007-08-09 19:12:51

This weekend we traveled to the city of Helsinki, and attended the great Assembly mixed party. After five month of hard work, we planned to release our first video game ever (made under our "Nivel21" branding).

We arrived to the party about eight ours after the compo show, so we missed our entry in the big screen. That's was a shame, but the trip had offered so many great moments that is not a big deal anymore.

This pictures shows nolver, globero and qapitan, in front of the main hall:

nolver, globero and qapitan in front of the main hall

GameDev Competition

"Xcene Table Soccer", is the title of the game we drop in the Game-Dev competition. The special thing about this game is it's made in collaboration with 12 currently active demo groups. Each of the groups have provided theirs own assets to be featured as one of the available teams in the game. So you can play a Conspiracy vs. ASD match xD

Currently you can play the game in both Windows and Xbox360, but please note that Xbox360 Controllers are required to play even in the Windows version. Click here to download the game .

After a bunch of bad look events and all kind of suffering, the game did not get enough attention from the public, so we ranked a modest but noticeable #10 in the competition.

Demo Competition

In this party, Violet and the rest of the team finally met in real life (Finland is far away from Spain). He had a big surprise for all, a pc demo using their last fractal techniques. The demo is called "Summer of Love".

Currently is a bit hacky to get this working on your box, so try once and get the video version if it doesn't work. You can download it here .

Happily, it ranked #8 in the competition, unexpectedly, due the high quality of the other 14 demos that made it to the big screen.


Date: 2007-07-23 23:00:00

Frets-on-Fire song contest results

Sectoid have won the first place on Keyboards on Fire's song contest. The song is called "Moonlight" and can be downloaded here.

Euskal Encounter 15 results

Zelldweller have ranked 1st place of the 3DGfx competition with an entry called "Cuidado", you can download the entry clicking here.


Date: 2007-05-31 11:51:22

Sectoid is a well known composer of the Frets-on-Fire community. Some weeks ago he was contacted by some Debian developers, for permission to include their songs as an official Debian package. Now, the package have been released on Debian, as well as the game itself. 

If you play Frets-on-Fire, (whether win32 or Linux) you can download the songs here . And you can read more about the Debian release here.

Congratullations Sectoid! 


Date: 2007-01-31 23:00:00

Finally, TimeScratchers and Nivel21 are no longer sharing that crappy website. Thanks to the efforts of Globero and Qapitan, we can proudly present you our web headquarters:

We hope you like the Miseare-inspired design by Qapitan, and Globero's great deployment of Joomla CMS.

The new website for Nivel21 Entertainment is already on schedule, right now you will only find a placeholder over there.


Date: 2006-12-07 23:00:00

Three new members are joining TimeScratchers creative forces:

* Qapitan, a natural born designer, will be helping with the website and upcoming productions.
* Globero, an experienced coder coming from the entreprise. He's briging years of experience on software development with him.
* Cerberus, a young apprentice in graphics materia, directly from the college suburbia.


Date: 2006-11-10 23:00:00

Our team appeared today in a local newspaper El Correo de Andalucía, on page 17.

Through a small interview, acompained by a cool picture, people could know a bit about our past and future plans. You can read the article here (in spanish). You can also check out the original pictures of the team, courtesy of Antonio Acedo: Picture 1 and Picture 2.


Date: 2006-10-17 23:00:00

This weekend we entered several productions to BcnParty110 and I must say that we mostly won everything we participate in, as the overall participation of this year's edition was very low. In some categories with have absolutelly no competitors, so this is somewhat 'sad' victory.

Anyways, our team did its best, and everything worked pretty fine and as expected. We managed to use every technique we proposed at the very beggining stage, six month ago. Most of the necessary techniques we need to learn to start programming games are already there, so we may be starting the development of our first game very soon...

Pictures and links to the productions after the break...